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FortiGrain™ Cleansing Oil

FortiGrain™ Cleansing Oil 120ml

Cleanses and conditions...

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Soft and smooth...

Removes make-up and impurities whilst gently cleansing and conditioning skin.

Contains Tri-Grain Fortiplex™ and botanic oils. Tri-Grain Fortiplex™ is a powerful, three-part complex of unique active ingredients that have been carefully selected for their richly nourishing and moisturising qualities.

  • Grain phase (including extracts of wheatgerm, oatmeal and rice bran).
  • Bioactives (including carrot root extract and Vitamins A, C and E).
  • Skin-moisturisation compound.

It is formulated to help improve your skin's

  • Smoothness.
  • Radiance.
  • Texture.
  • Moisture levels.