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A-Firm Intensive Face and Neck Collagen Serum

A-Firm Intensive Face and Neck Collagen Serum 30ml SPF25

Increases firmness of the neck and elasticity after 14 days. (*based on a clinical study).

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State of the art technology...

Suitable for ages 35+. Specially formulated to aid in rejuvenating ageing skin with an advanced peptide complex – that includes Collaxyl® IS and Peptide Vinci O2® IS that helps in strengthening and firming your skin. Contains a Chamomile Extract and an advanced emoliant blend to help soothe and calm skin. With regular use, the skin’s overall appearance and suppleness improve. Now available as SPF25 for UV protection. Suitable for all skin types.

Directions for use

Apply a small amount to the facial and neck area morning and evening and then massage in with your fingertips. Use a day or night cream after using this product.

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