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How To Order

Step 1

Where to find the Product Code

Simply note the product code of your product(s) that you desire as you browse through the site. The code is located to the right of the product image on each of the product pages. Please see the image on the right for example.

Step 2

Open the interactive PDF form by clicking on the button below and save it to your hardrive before filling in your information otherwise it will be lost. Open the form that you have saved and fill it in with your requested items and their respective codes along with your details. Click inside each field to add text or tab through to the next field. Please provide your full address details so that we can provide an accurate cost for postage and please don't forget to fill in your signature as approval.

Send the form by clicking on the 'Send' button enclosed and this will automatically activate your email client whereby you can then send the document as an attachment. It is recommended that you save the copy to your hardrive as reference by selecting 'Save As'.

You may find that you will need Adobe Reader to access the interactive PDF. If so, please download by clicking on the image below:

Step 3

When we receive your request, you will receive a reply email of confirmation with a reference number and a total for your order including delivery. Please use this order reference in all correspondence.

Step 4

To complete the order process, please pay via the Paypal button below, quoting your reference received and send payment to You will receive a confirmation email from Paypal to say that payment has been made. In some cases it may take 2-3 days for payment to clear. PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to use this service and can pay securely by card if you wish. We do not collect payment details.


Simple. No hidden charges and items are delivered by post to your nearest post office for collection.

International orders: At present we are in testing and will in future take International Orders. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate all international requests at this point in time. If you would like to email us at with your request, we can determine if we are able to accommodate you and will be in touch shortly.

How long will my order take?

Orders in South Africa generally take up to 10 days depending on payment clearance and stock availability. The website is updated monthly with specials and availability may change at the last minute. I will always keep you updated.

Other forms of payment

Please note - currently Paypal is our preferred method for payment and no other payment avenues will be considered until further notice.


Orders will be not be processed or shipped until payment has been received and cleared. If you wish to contact customer services, please email or write to Just Skincare and Cosmetics, PO Box 2915, George 6530, South Africa


If for some reason you are not satisfied with your product, please contact us in the first instance by writing to Just Skincare and Cosmetics, PO Box 2915, George 6530, South Africa or email where we will take your request into consideration.